the history

At the beginning of the 19th century the whole region was under the control of the Gurkhas. It was only in 1815 that the British fought and defeated the Gurkhas at the Kalinga fort near Dehradun and became masters of the Doon valley and adjoining areas.

In the year 1823 Mr Shore, the Superintendent of Dehradun and Captian Frederick Young build the first building in Mussoorie. It was just a shooting block but with that Mussoorie was born. Soon afterward Captain Young built his residence at Landour(Mullingar). By 1825 Captain Young had built a convalscence facility for recuperating soldiers in Landour(now known as Sister's Bazar).

In the year 1942 the first Municipal Board was constituted and was housed close to the Himalaya Club(It is still there). In April 1959, after fleeing Tibet, the Dalai Lama established the Tibetan Government of Exile in Mussoorie. The first Tibetan school was established in Mussoorie in 1960. Tibetans settled mainly in Happy Valley in Mussoorie. The Government of Tibet in exile eventually moved to Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. Today, some 5,000 Tibetans live in Mussoorie.