places to visit

Dhanaulti :

Dhanaulti lies to the north east of Mussoorie, 24 kms on the Tehri road . It has developed into a quaint satellite resort with its tall Deodhar trees and affords lovely walks through the pine forests.

Surkanda Devi :

Surkanda Devi is situated at village Kaddukhal 12 kms from Danaulti on the Tehri road. A two kilometer steep trek takes you up to the temple. Apart from the temple the Surkanda top offers a commanding view of the Yamuna Valley and the snow covered Himalayan Peaks.

Bhadraj & Mountain Quail Sanctuary :

Bhadraj is 12 kms to the west, it has a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna’s brother who is believed to have appeared here and helped the local shepherds. The newly created Banog Mountain Quail Sanctuary is near the Bhadraj temple and is a part of the Rajaji National Park.

George Everest House :

It is situated 8 Kms west of Mussoorie in the Hathipaon area. This is the house where Sir George Everest , Surveyor General of India, lived and carried out his survey discovering Mount Everest and measuring it’s height.

Municipal Garden:

Muncipal Garden is 6 kms from the library, a comfortable level walk along Dick road past the national academy of administration. The garden has recently been redone and has a vast variety of Himalayan flowers especially Begonias.

Lal Tibba:

The highest point to the east of Mussoorie, offering majestic views of the snow clad Himalayas through a powerful telescope and a walk around the circular road through thick pine forests.

Gun Hill :

Gun hill or Top Tibba is connected by a ropeway from the Mall near Jhoolagarh and offers panoramic views of the doon valley.

Mall Road :

Mall road is a shopper's paradise, this 2 km. long stretch along the ridge is full of shops and eating places offering good bargains on woolens and a vast variety of foods to suit all .

Lakhamandal :

65 Kms on the Mussoorie Yamnotri road is famous for temples of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that The Pandavas lived here during their exile and it is here that Kauravas built the house of Lac( Lakshygrah) and attempted to burn the Pandavas. The tunnel still exists and the whole hill is blackened. There are many temples in the area believed to be from the Mahabharata era.

Tehri :

The capital of the erstwhile rulers of Garhwal now lies submerged in water and is the site of the famous Tehri Dam. The vast lake/reservoir is fast developing into tourist and picnic destination. Tehri is 80 Kms to the east of Mussoorie.

Camel Back Cemetry:

Thousands of British graves cling to the steep slopes -a constant reminder of the British presence in Mussoorie. Here lie the hill stations' first pioneers and settlers as well as Generals and common soldiers, memsahibs and their infants, schoolmasters, revered gentlemen and brewers. Here also lies John Lang, the first Australian born novelist who was Charles Dickens' India correspondent and Fredrick Wilson, better known as 'Pahari Wilson', who married a girl from Harsil. He was the first man to float timber down the Ganga river and he lived a life which would have been the envy of kings. One also finds Alfred Hindmarsh, resting here -a survivor of the Charge of Light Brigade during the Crimean War and many other famous names and some infamous names.

Kempty Fall

The Kempty Falls is a major attractions of Dehradun and Mussoorie. The falls are situated mid-way between the Mussoorie-Yamunotri road. Set on the hilly terrains, the Kempty falls are stunningly beautiful. The water cascading down from an altitude of 4,500 feet and splitting further into five cascades, the water falls from a height of 40 feet giving the appearance of water jumping and playing on the rocks before falling down.

This place was developed as a tourist destination by John Mekinan, after 1835. The name Kempty is derived from 'Camp-tea', as the Britishers would organise their tea parties here.Past Kempty Fall, 12-km downhill, on crossing the Aglar River, one reaches the legendary Yamuna River. Trout are in abundance here, and fishing permits can be obtained form the Divisional Forest Officer, Mussoorie.

Kempty Falls can be reached by hiring taxi or bus, from Dehradun or Mussoorie. It is 15 Km from Mussoorie and 45 Km from Dehradun.